Yortec Group provides CNC Machining services for metal parts manufacturing, in various industries, such as Military, Aerospace, Medical, and Transport. Yortec is positioned to serve rapidly expanding Telecommunications and Aerospace industries. The company’s background, in-house contracts and bids in progress are focused on expanding business in these segments.

 Our software (Smart Cam),  reads CAD files for all types of parts, and our team is capable of handling high volume production runs for a wide range of projects.

The manufacturing process is controlled by our skilled staff with the help of sophisticated Software systems. CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, allows for extremely particular control of: positioning, speed, coordination, feed rates, and other precision aspects of the manufacturing process for a particular part or object.

Yortec group engineering staff and technical team are well prepared to work with a variety of metals as well as nonmetallic materials for specialized applications.

CNC Machining up to 6 Axes, with automated pallet shuttle reduces cycle times for manufacturing parts, resulting in increased throughputs for our clients. This includes high-Speed CNC Machining (18000 RPM) capability in our facilities.

Yortec custom capabilities are also affordable for any budget. From precision CNC machining to specialty paint processes and finish work, we believe in quality affordability, and service.

Yortec team is ready to assist with your next precision machining project.